Monday, May 12


It had been a while since we travelled. This was a wonderful trip and one that was very hard to come home from. Lucky we love Lola so much...

Saturday, April 5


We're off to the UK for 3 weeks! A holiday is looooong overdue. This time were just squeezing in family and best friends and then taking some time for ourselves to go to Paris! Follow along on facebook or instagram for photo updates.
Much love.

{Amazing sunrise this week over the paddocks}

Sunday, March 30

Flowers Lately

* Making a flower crown as a test for a friends wedding. Rosemary, carnation, chrysanthemum, sedum, lambs ear.
* A little jug of leftovers from crown making.
* A new awesome vase from the junk shop! Filled with roses, zinnias, buddleia, elderflower, potato vine from the garden.
* A birthday bouquet for my Mumma also from the garden. Rose, elderflower, fennel, lambs ears and white salvia plus some cuttings from a stunning weeping lime coloured tree that I don't know the name of.
* Mummas birthday cake. A lemon and blueberry number, filled with lemon curd and iced with cream cheese icing.

Monday, March 17

Tread Lightly

Sometimes only chocolate will do. Like when you see on facebook that an acquaintance has just had a baby and she has named her with your longstanding favourite baby name. The name that made you hope you were having a girl.

And it makes you smile at first because it affirms your good taste (the acquaintance is cool) and because you're so happy she's had a beautiful, healthy, baby girl. 

And then it makes you totally bummed (but in an embarrassed kinda way) coz - Dammit, YOU wanted that name. 

And then it smacks you in the guts. Real hard. And it really, really hurts and you're completely shocked by the force of it and left reeling by the heartache you thought you'd gotten over.

And so only chocolate will do. You cry on the phone to your mum in the dark of your porch. And you remind yourself to tread lightly, that you still have to tiptoe around some things. 

Like not listening to Bon Iver for the foreseeable future. 
Pretending that secret pinterest board you made doesn't exist. 
Getting your husband to deal with the birth preparation books from the library that are weeks overdue.
That kind of stuff. 

Tread lightly. Tread lightly.

Friday, March 7


It's been hard to write here for a little while. With happy secrets and then crushing sadness and hopefully in the not to distant future, fresh beginnings. Early miscarriage is so common and so not talked about. I dont want to talk about it - and yet - I was frustrated that I couldn't find anyone else who had. I guess that's why we don't traditionally share the news until we're at least twelve weeks. I was eleven.
I was planning on switching to more and more pictures rather than words here but in all honesty I haven't picked up the big camera in weeks - and that was only to take pictures which now no longer have a reason to exist.
I feel a little too exposed here these days. Google my name and this place is the second thing to come up - and the nice thing about a blog, I always found, was a little sense of mystery and anonymity. Especially when you are watched, and what feels like judged, for your job.
Maybe I'll keep posting recipes and maybe I'll keep posting about the garden (its doing great by the way) and maybe, maybe I'll keep posting about country life. But for now being present is keeping me occupied, that, and the garden.

{Image from here, if this is your image I would love to credit you properly}

Monday, January 20

Link Love*

* Actual toys...
* Just some bears, y'know.
* When dinosaurs come to play...
* Mental health on Sesame street...
* Best website for dog lovers ever.
* Who knew playing glass could be this good?!
* Amazing maps that explain the world.
* Beautifully lit films.
* My political bent is pretty obvious, but this is scary.

Friday, January 17

Things to be Thankful for

* Seed saving.
* My parents swimming pool.
* That thesis of Tim's has gone gone gone.
* Beautiful homegrown food
* Holidays.
* Air conditioning at work and in the car.
* That Australians take a perverse pride in suffering extreme heat (43 for us today)
* The Murrumbidgee river and its ice cold mountain source.
* Roses and agapanthus - they'll put up with anything.
* A better start to my working year than it ended.

{looking through the window of Centenary tower in Mt Gambier}

Thursday, January 16


Just the two of us, watching the sun go down over the sea and then all the cities fireworks at once from the hills. A blissful New Years Eve.

Monday, December 23

Do you hear that?

Rain! Finally! Oh... and radio silence from me. We've finally jumped into Christmas here and will be doing a fair bit of travelling over the next 2 weeks (3 states to be precise!). So probably more quiet from me is to be expected. But here are a couple more flower arrangements I've done recently, and hopefully I find my blogging mojo again in the New Year. Merry Christmas lovely readers.

 Sunflower, allium, onion, elderflower, fennel, artichoke, succulents, borage and queen annes lace all from my garden.
Lilly, eucalyptus, lavender, bottlebrush from a friends garden (who lets me pick his flowers and put flower arrangements in his house!) sadly only captured on an iphone.

Monday, December 16

Link Love for Monday*

* If this doesnt make you happy I don't know what will.
* Amazing urban exploration.
* The world through a sweet mind.
* The juxtapositions of creatives.
* Slow motion dog shaking. Brilliant.
* Genius reenactment of bitchy youtube comments.
* Beautiful photos of snowflakes.
* Henry makes poses.
* How much you're wasting your life.
* An incredibly effective way to waste your life.

{Photo by Dan Marbaix}

Wednesday, December 11

Instead of blogging...

I made Christmas wreaths! Pretty no?! We have a large bay tree in the garden and all I had to do was bunch the stems together and wire it up. One is for my ma, and one for this lovely lady.

ps. I just got a very late birthday/early christmas present of this book. It's dreamy.
pps. I won the Haiku Thank you giveaway over on Che and Fidel! I am as giddy as a school girl! Thank you Jodi- and *hi* if you are visiting!

Wednesday, December 4

5 Senses

Seeing: Homegrown hollyhock & poppies.
Tasting: Cherries. Picked on our mini break to Young.
Smelling: Beautiful Rain! Finally!
Hearing: Chairlift are still on heavy rotation at the moment.
Touching: Rough skin on my feet from sandal wearing. Hello summer!

{What are your 5 senses for today?}

Monday, December 2

Broccoli & Egg Noodles

This is another one of those cravings for which I searched high and low for a recipe but couldn't find one. So I made it up - and it worked. Heaps. I think I might actually be a bit in love with Ketjap manis. Seriously, I know how annoying it is having 12 million different types of sauce in the cupboard - but this is a must have - I promise!

3 tblsp ketjap manis
2 tblsp soy sauce
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce
1/2 tbsp brown sugar
Juice of half a lime
2 spring onions, finely chopped
4 eggs, whisked
2 tbsp coconut oil
250gs hard tofu/bean curd, cubed
400gs of broccoli (or broccolini), chopped into florrets
200gs bok choy OR snow peas
1/4 cup of hot water
1 tsp powdered veggie stock
440gs fresh egg noodles - I like the hokkien type from 'Wokka' (or you can use dried and soak them in hot water)
1 tbsp Chia seeds (optional)

Serves 4.
* Mix together the soy, ketjap manis, sweet chilli, sugar and lime juice in a jug and set aside. Dissolve the veggie stock in the hot water and set aside.
* Heat a non stick fry pan with a small amount of the coconut oil and add the chopped spring onions, sauté for a minute then pour the egg over the top. Cook the egg in the pan, slowly moving it around. Take it off the heat just before it looks done (egg keeps on cooking). Set your scrambled egg aside.
* Have everything chopped and ready to go then... Pop your coconut oil in a wok and heat, add the tofu and let it crisp up a little on the sides.
*After a couple of minutes pour in your sauce and veggie stock mixtures, and allow it to get hot (about 30 seconds).
* Add the noodles, coat them in the wet mixture and break apart if necessary.
* Add the broccoli and bok choy (or snow peas if you're using), move around the wok a little and then pop the lid on. Let it steam for about 2 minutes until the bok choy just starts to wilt and the broccoli has changed to a darker colour (it doesn't need to be soft through though).
* Remove the lid and add the scrambled eggs and chia seeds to the stir fry. Gently combine so that it just starts to break apart.
* Serve with tongs into bowls, garnish with coriander et voila!

Saturday, November 30

Things to be Thankful for: this space.


I just checked my blog stats for the first time in a year. They're not what they used to be. But you know what - I think I've really come a long way and let go. I used to care so so much about building readership. I wanted to be A Cup Of Jo, you know? But holy crap! I am not A Cup Of Jo! And that's okay. It's been so good blogging when I feel like it, rather than feeling obliged, and you know... I'm still here so thats good right?
I mean to say: thanks for coming along for the ride. And I'm thankful to have this space. I met another blogger in person the other day *hi Plain Jane!* It was so lovely to meet someone who I didn't know who reads my blog. It was kinda encouraging.
It's funny how you almost seem to keep up with your peers in the blogging world. All those blogs I've been reading for years now are like old friends. Even a Cup of Jo is totally like an old friend. She posted a video with her speaking and I was actually surprised at how American she sounded (der!) in my mind she has an Aussie voice. Stupid but true. Many that I read have gone the same way of not posting on the dot every day. Many have gone huuuuuuge too. Many have finished it. I feel pretty good for now. Just pottering along.
Anyway all this to say: haven't we come a long way little blog? Haven't we come a long way! So much so that I even missed our 4 year blogiversary in September. Never fear. I'm sure I ate cake at some point that month.

{North Wagga Skies - I love it here}

Wednesday, November 27

Garden Update - the highs and lows of a learning gardener

* Big Time Low - I came home from a weekend in Sydney to find all my roses looking very sick. I had been so excited to be coming home to them as I was sure they would be just starting to bloom. And then I just had to deflower every single one. I'm still trying to work out what the disease/pest is, but I know with roses if something's sick you want to remove that part and get it out of the garden asap. So sad that my line of cheery white roses are now green bushes, and my David Austin's that I was so excited to see bloom for the first time have been a no show, except for tiny brown shadows of what they should be. Time to get to the gardening section of the library.

* High - we've had a record amount of broad beans - which we have been diligently shelling and freezing.

* Low - the super late frost killed all but two of my abundant pumpkin seedlings.

* High - We are about to harvest a butt load of onion and garlic!

* Low - my Russel Lupins which I painstakingly grew from seed and carefully potted out into the garden keeled over in a day. Dead as door nails.

* High - Gazanias are very easy to grow and much less easy to kill apparently. They were planted out at the same time as the Lupins and are merrily doing their thing. (Hollyhocks pictured above)

* Low - after last years awesome parsnip success I have yet to coax any into germinating after multiple trys this year. Fussy buggers. (these are Allium Drumsticks)

* High - The garden is really taking shape now - we've acheived some major changes this year.

* Low - Watering. It takes so long keeping this garden alive at the moment - roll on the big job of installing an irrigation system (and more water tanks)!

* High - I have had success with watermelons after a heap of tries! Five little seedlings have germinated from a special packet of seeds sent to me by a sweet friend. Now to keep them alive and get them fruiting in time!

How does your garden grow?!