Wednesday, February 25

Nursery Tour

Our little ones room! Yes I know my height ordered books won't last more than the first couple of months but you've gotta do something with the interminable waiting for baby to arrive time amiright?

Sail Boat Kite: Haptic Lab
To the moon and back pennant: Homely Creatures
Cross blanket: Jamie Kay
Cross sheet and bassinet lining: EIvie & Co
Lamp, blue wire baskets & blue stool: Kmart
Blue trolley & Lamb skin: Ikea
White cube storage & baskets: Bunnings
Morrocon Pouffe: Cush and co
Cloth nappies: Sunshine tots

Everything else is either vintage, opshop or a gift. Other fabrics come from spotlight.

Monday, February 23

Bump - 40 weeks

Here we are: DD.
Lola decided to cooperate, sort of. Come on baby K - how about you???

Friday, February 20

Bump - 38 weeks (again)

So, a little late, but look! Professiona-mal photos! The lovely Tina of Peppermint studios needed a model for some creative stuff she was trying out and being on maternity leave I had the time. Not only did we get to hang out and have a cuppa, I got some lovely bump photos too!

So right now we are actually 39 weeks + 4 and I've been overwhelmed with feeling like it's my fault baby hasn't arrived yet. So many people have told me I look like I'll come early that I feel cursed to be late (I'm kinda superstitious like that). Not to mention my own propensity for timeliness makes this waiting all the harder. I reason that statistically a bunch of my friends due at similar times have been early now and so there's no way I will be. Patience, patience, no one stayed pregnant forever - thats for sure.
My productivity has dropped to an all time low now (probably a good thing really), the desire to cook or garden is non existent, and alarmingly my ability to sleep is pretty much completely disappearing. Most frustrating. 
Little baby is wiggling around happily still, but has definitely dropped judging by the new all time highs for toilet trips in the night - about 6!
But we are just so excited to meet this little person and find out their name (we have options but are waiting to see what fits). The house is clean, the dog is clean, heck Tim even washed the car! 

Oh, and that's a little sneak peak of babies nursery there too! More on that soon.

Tuesday, February 17

One year ago today.

This is my miscarriage story. I felt like writing it all out today. Getting it out. Please don't feel the need to read it. I don't know if it will help anyone.

I'm about to birth my first child and it's been wonderful, wonderful. But doctors and ultrasound technicians ask how many pregnancies you've had, not how many babies. So occasionally this little reminder comes up. This is my second pregnancy. No, no children. And it's a year today.

Monday, February 9

Bump - 38 weeks (on holiday)

Oh hi!

It's true what they say. There comes a point where you get really over being pregnant - no matter how much you love it and were excited for it. The 37 degree heat probably isn't helping...

But we are ready and waiting! I've had 2 weeks of leave and finished babies room, not to mention a gazillion other little jobs around the house. We made it to my cousins wedding even, 5 hours in a car is also not recommended at 38 weeks pregnant - but being in the sea - what bliss! Here's me happy as a clam, 38 weeks pregnant and about to run (okay scrap the running part - there is NO running over here) into the ocean.

My back is aching, my sleep is very interrupted, moving is generally awkward, and my ankles are balloons and yet this has been the most amazing experience. All that I hoped for and more. And. I am so so excited to meet this person so soon.

Tuesday, January 13

Bump 32 & 34 weeks

Yes. It's late. Very. But you know christmas happened and stuff.

Our beautiful friends spent a week with us over New Years and we went up to the sugar pines in the mountains. We had the most wonderful relaxed week and we used our friends camera skills to finally get Timmy in a bump photo too.

Lola wasn't really up for participating this week. She had important matters (bones) to chew on. Can you see I'm getting tired?

Meanwhile: The big count down at work is on, the last of our visitors have left and so I can turn the spare bedroom into a nursery (so. pumped.), and I had a baby shower. Kinda. Frankly the idea of a traditional baby shower freaks me out a little - I hate being the centre of attention and so when a band we know and love announced they were doing a house gig tour I thought - perfecto! It was so fun - Fanny Lumsden and the Thrillseekers are fantastically talented and bloody awesome entertainers, we served up pizza, garlic bread and cake and somehow Tim did a "set" in the middle consisting of jokes he learnt form 8 year olds...

Wednesday, December 17

Bump - 28 & 30 weeks

It's the silly season and finding time to do this has been a struggle! Also - I don't really like the 30 week pictures so there's that too! Apparently bump and I have Popped! Again. Oh yeah, and I'm wearing the same top. Getting dressed is very, very difficult. Mostly I just want to live in my big baggy bedtime t-shirt - but I think my colleagues might fall over if I rocked up to work in that... Speaking of work, because of Christmas holidays I pretty much only have 5 more weeks! This is so incredibly exciting, and also a tiny bit alarming - once you go on maternity leave there are definitely big changes afoot no?!

Tuesday, November 25

Wish Listing

Holy mackerel you guys it's Christmas soon! One month to go!

Do you know someone Then this is what they want. Promise.

This necklace

This throw or any Rachel Castle Bedlinen

This lipbalm

Frank the Flamingo

A Paris souvenir Scarf

A cockatoo Print

A Dinosaur Designs bangle

A lovely vase

And erm... roses, roses, roses...

Monday, November 24

Bump - 27 weeks

Time is really flying. My maternity leave application is in and this might sound crazy, but baby is on a childcare waiting list for 2016! The car seat is ordered, the rest of the house is getting a thorough going over and the dreaded pram research has begun!

Kicks and movement are so incredible it really feels like a real person in there now and I'm starting to get super excited about meeting this person. Pregnancy is such a thrill and something I've been looking forward to for years and it's all a little surreal too, so it's only just really dawning on us that there's an amazing person we get to meet at the end of it! I had a good midwife appointment this last week and we heard babies beautiful heartbeat and we've been thinking through a loose birth plan too.

The light was so beautiful this morning we decided to change up our photo location and get a silhouette shot, and Lola decided to cooperate this time too.

Wednesday, November 12

Baby stuff...

Oh but the stuff! There's the stuff you have to buy (breast pads, baby bum cream) and then there's the stuff you just wanna buy... Ummm hello lovely bag!

and all the Iviebaby bedding...

oh and clothes from Hatch (soooo not in my price range)

And don't even get me started on the baby clothes!